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The Endo-GIA staple(Linear cutter stapler)r for the side-to-side colorectal anastomosis in the Duhamel operation

Enrique M. Balén1   , José L. Hernández-Lizoáin1, Fernando Pardo1, Vanessa H. de Villa1 and Javier A. Cienfuegos1

(1)  Department of Surgery, University Hospital, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
(2)  Dpto. de Cirugía General, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, Avda. Pio XII s/n, E-31080 Pamplona, Spain

Accepted: 1 June 1993  

Abstract  A new technical modification of the Duhamel operation for construction of the side-to-side colorectal anastomosis is reported. A 21/2-year-old boy was duagnosed as having Hirschsprung''s disease affecting the rectum and sigmoid colon. A Duhamel operation was performed with three modifications of the technique described by Lester W. Martin: the side-to-side colorectal anastomosis was performed with an Endo-GIA 30 stapler (Auto Suture; United States Surgical Corporation, Norwalk, Conn.) in an inverted V-shaped triangular manner; the remnant of the rectal stump was excited just above the Endo-GIA anastomosis, thus preserving only the rectal ampulla; and the rectal stump was left closed without being anstomosed to the descending colon. The postoperative functional results were excellent 6 months after the operation.

Key words  Endo-GIA -Linear cutter stapler- Technical innovation - Duhamel operation-surgical stapler