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Surgical Staplers,Circular Stapler

* Esophagectomy,Gastrectomy,Small intesting and

Colon Excision Operation,Rectum low antrior resection

Linear Stapler , Linear Cutter Stapler

* General Surgery, Chest Surgery,Gynecology
and the parenchyma Excision,transection,reforger and anastomose of pediatric Operation.


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Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co,.Ltd is a modern, efficient and well managed organization focused and committed on the care and safety of the patients upon whom their products are used.




The professional institution engaged in developing, manufacturing and promoting iatric instrument and devices, Welcome to Changzhou Haida Medical Devices Co.,Ltd is located in Changzhou Wu Jin Hi-Tech Development Zone in the Yangtze Delta where it is a historical culturally and economically well-developed area in China. It has employed a powerful group of researchers and working staff and covers a land of 10,000sqm on which built a 106 grade spotless workshop, a bio-culture lab, a watering system and other production facilities. The management of the institute has been audited with the conformity of ISO9000 and its products have gained the approvals in China and CE for the European markets. The institute has been dubbed as “The Jiangsu Hi-Tech Enterprise” and its have been authenticated as “Jiangsu Hi-Tech Product”.



Haida has created a successful, professional and respected distribution network in China, in International markets, that competes with the best in the world...and wins! Their team of 20 directly employed Sales Managers and Product Specialists supports and manages a network of specialist distributors, whilst keeping close and regular contact with all key opinion leaders in a wide range of surgical specialties.


OEM Opportunities

Changzhou Haida can offer international developers and manufacturers access to their facilities and expertise